Winter Stills

The end of the dreadful year draws closer. Not everything has been bad, looking back at photos and stuff that I collect every year, there were some pretty good moments too. Just the in-between between the good moments has been hard this year. The days and weeks were nothing happened, no friends, no concerts, no cinema, no holiday, no train rides, no small things to keep me inspired, keep me creative. Of course you can now state that – in the absence, we will grow to appreciate those things – but I do, I really do. And I want them back for next year. Maybe I’ll make a list of things that I’ll do over the next two years, doing everything again for kind of the first time. Oh, and also, No, I still don’t know what to do with my life now that I graduated. But thank you for asking.

I bought myself a camera off of eBay in November, it’s a Minox 35 GT & these are some of the photos from the first film. I’m looking forward to shooting some more & learning more about photography too. These were mostly snaps to try out if the camera still worked. (It does)

I mostly took it with me on walks, on a visit at my aunts, to photograph odd houses and the only day it snowed this year. Next time, I want to try out different kind of films, a black and white one & I also have to try the self timer.

Film photography is still one of my favourite mediums, not having a cluttered phone with thousands of holiday photos to choose from. Having to wait till its developed (sometimes I hate myself for this though). Not knowing if the photo turns out good.

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