Hello, I am Hannah Detterbeck, an Illustrator from Regensburg, Germany. I work from my parents house, making illustrations, blog posts, mixtapes & videos about things I like. I just finished studying Illustration in Hamburg where I got my Bachelor of Arts from the HAW.

Welcome to my portfolio and tiny place on the web. If you like what I do – feel free to contact me for any kind of projects (or just to say hello) email me: mail[at]hannah-detterbeck.com


Fachoberschule Straubing – Gestaltung (2013-2016) Allgemeines Abitur

HAW Hamburg – Illustration (2017- 2020) Bachelor of Arts


Illumicrate (2018/2019)

The Common Room (2020)

The Magicians Pub (2020 & 2021)

Florian Rister (2021)

Wildhoodstore (2020 & 2021)

Lumos & Luster (2021)


✸ Hamburger Bilderbuchpreis 2021 ~ Ausgewählte Einsendungen Austellung

✸ Image of the Book 2021 ~ Diploma in the category ‘New Names’