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  • Commissions (-:
    I’m opening my portrait commissions again – I would love to draw you/your family/pet/best friend/wedding/house or anything else you want a picture of 🙂 Here are all the infos you…
  • ✺ Inktober ✺
    Here’s a collection of illustrations I made in October with inktober prompts (Inktober is a drawing challenge – mostly on Instagram – where you normally follow one prompt list and…
  • Senaste Konsten V
    Here you can find some of my recent artwork that I’m (still) proud of. Click here to see the first, second, third and fourth part of the recent-art-blog-posts.
  • Flower & Moon Garland ❁☾
    Here’s a quick and easy DIY pattern & guide for you (-: Some weeks ago I made these fun and colorful garlands with my new Cricut (don’t worry you don’t…
  • Making Strawberry Jam 🍓
    This year was the first time that I made our own jam (at least I can’t remember ever doing so before). My grandma taught me how she made her famous…
  • Learning to Crochet
    In the past month or two I ordered myself some crochet yarn because I wanted to learn to crochet. I ordered a little bit of every color that I liked…
  • En blanco y negro
    ‘In my opinion half the people who spend their lives avoiding being run over by buses had much better be run over and put safely out of the way. They’re…
  • Winter Stills
    The end of the dreadful year draws closer. Not everything has been bad, looking back at photos and stuff that I collect every year, there were some pretty good moments…
  • Saying goodbye
    Time to move on I guess. Saying goodbye to a city I never really liked. Due to the current situation in the world I had to move on quicker than…


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