En blanco y negro

‘In my opinion half the people who spend their lives avoiding being run over by buses had much better be run over and put safely out of the way. They’re no good.’

Agatha Christie – The Seven Dials Mystery

Here are some of the in-between moments of the past winter (I say past, because I wish that the days would grow warmer and nicer now).

Things that feel good are, finishing a book & going upstairs to pick a new one, earning a small amount of money with illustration, getting up before the sun does, having breakfast on the balcony (I don’t mind the cold, as long as the sun shines), not loosing myself online as much, having the weekends off, getting up without snoozing, finding a spanish-learning book on the street, watching films from my to-watch-list, buying a new planner and writing in it for the first time, willow weaving, getting some developed photos back.

‘The hardest thing of all is to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if there is no cat.’


When it gets warmer outside – leave your phone at home

I decided that it’s time that I take a look at my media consumption, because I felt like hours would go by every day & at the end I wouldn’t have completed anything from my to do list. I’ve been watching some interviews with Cal Newport recently & decided to buy myself his book. I think it’s very strange how normal it has become to be surrounded by your phone, your laptop or Pad or whatever else you own – all the time. Your supposed to write back immediately, like post from all your friends and keep up with their (mostly boring (let’s face it, all images and things people talk about are really all the same mediocre stuff)) life. I want to spend my time doing things I enjoy again without having the feeling that I’m missing out on some real important things (because I am not). Here are some important things I took from his book ‘Digital Minimalism’:

° Spend time alone to gain solitude

° Take long walks & Leave your phone at home

° Don’t click ‘Like’ & Don’t follow a lot of people

° Write letters to yourself

° Delete social media from your phone & only access it from your computer

° Schedule low quality leisure (Set social media hours and avoid all other times)

° Reclaim conversations: Meeting or phoning instead of texting

° Prioritise demanding activities over mindlessly scrolling

° Fix or build something every week

° Embrace slow media

Here are some of my recent illustrations:

February Patreon Postcard (‘Going to the Woods’)
‘Living in a Treehouse’
‘Cozy Night’
‘Cozy Workplace’
‘Feeling Isolated’

I am spending the time I gain – by not using social media as much – to: paint and do diys again, spend time outside with my family, listen to more audiobooks, write in my journal, do yoga and make videos. Here are some of my recent video adventures:

Last Years Mixtapes

Here is a collection of all the mixtapes of 2020 (and one of 2019), that I wanted to have in one place on my website. I haven’t really been feeling like making a mixtape in the last months, but I hopefully will make a new one soon! You can find them all in one place in my Spotify too.

Be Kind Month 🌻

This February was all about being kind (to yourself, to others). @mandaloouise started this lovely drawing challenge and asked me (and some other very talented artists) to host this challenge. Here are my four illustrations (we posted one drawing per week):

Week 1: Wear a Mask
Week 2: Call a Friend
Week 3: Lend a Helping Hand
Week 4: Take Care of Yourself

Check out #bekindpandemicedition on Instagram to see all the other lovely drawings!

✨ Starting Afresh ✨

Here are some inspirational videos I gathered in the last days and weeks. I want to do some things differently this year, I’m focusing on my mind more & also trying to not use social media. Maybe you’ll find some of these interesting & helpful. If not, well, that’s okay too.

Winter Stills

The end of the dreadful year draws closer. Not everything has been bad, looking back at photos and stuff that I collect every year, there were some pretty good moments too. Just the in-between between the good moments has been hard this year. The days and weeks were nothing happened, no friends, no concerts, no cinema, no holiday, no train rides, no small things to keep me inspired, keep me creative. Of course you can now state that – in the absence, we will grow to appreciate those things – but I do, I really do. And I want them back for next year. Maybe I’ll make a list of things that I’ll do over the next two years, doing everything again for kind of the first time. Oh, and also, No, I still don’t know what to do with my life now that I graduated. But thank you for asking.

I bought myself a camera off of eBay in November, it’s a Minox 35 GT & these are some of the photos from the first film. I’m looking forward to shooting some more & learning more about photography too. These were mostly snaps to try out if the camera still worked. (It does)

I mostly took it with me on walks, on a visit at my aunts, to photograph odd houses and the only day it snowed this year. Next time, I want to try out different kind of films, a black and white one & I also have to try the self timer.

Film photography is still one of my favourite mediums, not having a cluttered phone with thousands of holiday photos to choose from. Having to wait till its developed (sometimes I hate myself for this though). Not knowing if the photo turns out good.

Folktale Week

A collection of folktale-inspired illustrations for the drawing challenge that took part between the 23. and 29. of November 2020.

Day 1: Birth

Day 1 was inspired by the Russian fairytale ‘The Snow Maiden’.

Day 2: Ritual

Day 2 of the challenge was inspired by the Bulgarian Kukeri.

Day 4: Solstice

And the third illustration I did was inspired by nordic folktales in general and the day of the winter solstice.

I chose to draw colourful frames around every illustration – that were inspired by old Russian art.

I had a lot of fun doing the challenge though I only had time to fit in three illustrations before the folktale week started and then I hurt my right wrist so I couldn’t draw anymore (still can’t). Maybe after it heals I will continue with the other prompts and finish folktale week because I had already searched for so many more cool themes to draw!

Moontober Weekends (Inktober 2020)

Here are my (only) seven illustrations for the #moontoberweekends inktober (one month of art prompts, but for this challenge only weekend prompts & I went ahead and merged some of them, because I didn’t have time to do all of them). The prompts were all created by the lovely @moonchildillustrations!

1.10: Apple
3. & 4.10: Old Lantern & Autumnal Outfit
10. & 11.10: Frog & Moon and Stars
17.10: Autumnal Food and Drink
18.10: Mushroom
24. & 25.10: Animal of Choice & Pumpkin
31.10: Happy Halloween

Autumn Week

I decided to participate in an illustration challenge filled with seven prompts. It took place on the 21st to 27th of September and you can find all the beautiful art with the hashtag #helloautumnweek or #helloautumnweek2020 on Instagram 🙂 I had a lot of fun drawing all these cosy things & coming up with new ideas for each prompt. Which one of them do you like best?

Day 1: Apple Orchard
Day 2: Falling Leaves
Day 3: Pumpkin Carving
Day 4: Autumn Picnic
Day 5: Cosy Night In
Day 6: Forest Walks
Day 7: Autumn Self Portrait

Saying goodbye

Time to move on I guess. Saying goodbye to a city I never really liked. Due to the current situation in the world I had to move on quicker than planned and there wasn’t enough time and space to really say goodbye to everything. Hamburg was pretty on some days but on most it was just loud and dirty and fast. So I’ll be mostly glad to leave it behind.

Scroll down for a collection of photos I took before and after my move.

Here’s what my apartment looked like before I had to clean up the whole mess and move out: