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✸ All the Patreon Tiers + Launching a Sticker Club ✸

My patreon page has gotten a new membership for you to join: A sticker club! Like in my postcard club you will receive a monthly postcard in your mailbox – but I’ll be adding in… Read More

Senaste Konsten V

Here you can find some of my recent artwork that I’m (still) proud of. Click here to see the first, second, third and fourth part of the recent-art-blog-posts.

Making Strawberry Jam 🍓

This year was the first time that I made our own jam (at least I can’t remember ever doing so before). My grandma taught me how she made her famous strawberry jam some weeks before… Read More

A Couple New Shirts

There are a couple of fresh tshirt designs availbable in my Bonfire shop. You can browse the shop by clicking here. The recent three designs are from my newest illustrations: ‘Woodland Wanderer’, ‘A Readers Magical… Read More

A Collection of Illustrated Shelves

I love to illustrate shelves (if you didn’t notice that before – now you know). It all started with the birthday invitation that I drew for my grandma last year & then I forgot all… Read More

A Year of Phone Wallpapers

Join me and take a look at a years worth of phone wallpapers. I did all these for my lovely patrons – mostly one or two each month & sometimes there were also desktop/pad wallpapers.… Read More

Senaste Konsten IV

This post is filled with a collection of my recent illustrations (the more you scroll down, the older the artwork gets). Click to see the first, second and third part of the collection.

A Year of Commissions

A Collection of Commissions from 2020 to 2021 Here are some of the commissions (mostly the ones I’m very proud of) from the last year. Most of them are t-shirt designs, I also did some… Read More

How my illustration style changed (+ pictures)

Last month I decided to redraw one of my old illustrations & chose the ‘Secret Place in the Woods’ one for it. After finishing the illustration – I decided to dig into my archive, find… Read More