Making Strawberry Jam 🍓

This year was the first time that I made our own jam (at least I can’t remember ever doing so before). My grandma taught me how she made her famous strawberry jam some weeks before & in July we packed our big bowls in the Beetle and drove to the Strawberry Fields outside of our town. After a whole afternoon of jam making – we were the proud owners of 20 jars of the finest strawberry jam (I think we’re already five glasses down as I’m writing this…). We didn’t have any labels for the jars – so I drew a bunch of lables for a printable on my Patreon & decided to get one of them printed for our jam 🙂 And here is how the lables look on the jars:

And I also illustrated our jam session & turned it into a cute little pattern design.

The printable you can get on my Patreon page ✨

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Here’s a cute profil pic I drew for myself featuring me wearing a cute strawberry beret!
And here is my latest Youtube Video:

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