Learning to Crochet

In the past month or two I ordered myself some crochet yarn because I wanted to learn to crochet. I ordered a little bit of every color that I liked (though I should have gotten more of the white and red

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, that I know now). My first try was a bucket hat (that has gotten too large for my head, so maybe I have to sell it) and some small strawberries. Then I crocheted a little strawberry car hanging (that you can attach to the rearview mirror) & some toadstool mushrooms for my mother. Oh, and a small Totoro because I wanted to try making an amigurumi. And for my grandmothers birthday I made her a little strawberry garland that she could hang up in her window.

Crocheting is so quick and fun & a nice little hobby for on the side 🙂 My next project will probably be a hot water bottle cover made out of Granny Squares.

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