Flower & Moon Garland ❁☾

Here’s a quick and easy DIY pattern & guide for you (-: Some weeks ago I made these fun and colorful garlands with my new Cricut (don’t worry you don’t need it to make this!). I also gifted some to my friends and family members.

What you need: Colorful cardboard paper (not too thick) in different colors, Cricut, yarn Optional: scissors and a hole puncher

Click on the links to download the files for the garland – if you don’t have a Cricut: either draw these with a pencil on your paper or trace the shapes onto some tracing paper and transfer that onto the cardboard paper. Then cut the shapes out and use the hole puncher to make holes for the yarn. You can also use a needle for that.

Here are the settings I used with my Cricut: Upload the design – set the image type to complex – remove the white background – select cut image – set the width of the designs to 10-12 cm & use the thin cardboard option (I used two colors for the moons & four colors for the flowers, but you can also make them in one color if you prefer that)

Flower Garland 1 / Flower Garland 2

Moon Garland 1 / Moon Garland 2

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