✸ Moving into a studio ✸

Last month I moved into a studio (can you believe I now have a whole place that is only existing for my art? – talking about pressure 🙂 hehe no – I’m so glad that I found this place). I’m really excited for all the things that I’m going to create in here (-: Here’s a little post where I share some behind the scenes photos from moving, but you can also watch me do all this in my recent video here. I will try and decorate more over the next months and will share my process in some more videos (painting the walls and adding more shelving and decorations and much more…).

THE OLD STUDIO (aka my bedroom)


Here’s me working in the new place 🙂

I found a ceramist near my studio who will fire my ceramic things so I have spent the last weeks slowly making some pieces (mostly for myself, but some are gifts aswell – maybe going to sell some pieces from the studio this year)

Watch me move into the studio in this video:

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