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Trust Me I’m the Doctor

This blogpost is just a collection of my favourite Doctor Who videos :)) Ignore it, if you don’t watch the doctor – but let me say one thing – you should!! I hope to come here in the future and still miss Rory & Amy so much, and Rose and 10, and 11 in general. What’s your favourite Doctor Who villain? Mine are still the Weeping Angels, I hope to one day have one casually standing around in my garden, frightening my visitors. P.S. let me know in the comments if you have a funny or sad Doctor Who video for me.

Some Bookcover

These are some of my more recent book cover sketches. I really enjoyed making them, searching for little stuff from the stories to include on the covers. (If someone from Book Publishing is reading this, maybe you could consider me for some book cover jobs? I would really enjoy designing a classical book set.)

Austenland & Broadchurch

Here are the two last map illustrations I did over the last weeks. You can already buy the Austenlandmap in my Etsy Shop. Find the Link to the shop in the Sidebar on the right.