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Hello dear someone, who reads these blog posts (wondering if anybody reads them at all). Last year (or you could say last month) I bought myself an iPad Pro. I debated really long with myself if I should get it or not, but you already know the outcome, so… Then there were the holidays and I spent them at my parents house and had a lot of time on my hand. I used this time to play around with the different brushes and stuff you could do on Procreate and I would like to show you what came out of it (if you haven’t already seen it on my Instagram).

And today I made some new banners and a logo for my etsy and this website you are currently reading.

New Maps: Hengasch, Niederkaltenkirchen and remade Hogwarts Grounds

Two new maps and a remake of an old one for you. Two of my currently favourite german films/series. I love making maps on my new iPad, prepare for some more maps to come in the near future.

Building A Desk

Last week I finally decided to build myself a desk, because I wanted to do that for about two months. My old desk was just a kind of laptop table from Ikea and it was much too small too really work on it. It was a struggle to have my laptop for reference pictures and an A4 paper on it at the same time. Also normal desks cost a lot of money and I didn’t want to spend so much. With building it yourself you can also decide exactly how big it should be, so it fits in your (maybe small) room perfectly. 

Firstly you’ll need a wood board from the hardware store (I went for spruce, because it’s cheap and not too heavy, because I had to carry it home on foot – about 18 €). 

Then you’ll need some legs to stick under it. I went for the easy white ones from Ikea (I think about 3 € each). You also need to get a wood board that is at least 25 mm thick (I didn’t, so I had to go back to the hardware store to buy some 16 mm screws). Just screw the legs on and voila. 

Fillory, Dreamland + Greendale

Here are the three new maps I did over the last months, I’m currently very uninspired which places I should illustrate next so you could hit me up with some recommendations.



August (2018 – 22 years old)

Favourite moments: Sauerkrautkoma and visiting the Call Me By Your Name locations in Crema. Favourite songs: English Graffiti (The Vaccines), He Woke Me Up Again (Sufjan Stevens) and Under Pressure (David Bowie + Queen). Favourite films: Sauerkrautkoma and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Favourite books: Leinsee and Die Geschichte von Blue. I wish time travel was real.


Summer of ’18

Some photos from a disposable camera, while I visited some friends and some moments from home this weekend. There is a little giveaway happening on my Instagram as well.