When it gets warmer outside – leave your phone at home

I decided that it’s time that I take a look at my media consumption, because I felt like hours would go by every day & at the end I wouldn’t have completed anything from my to do list. I’ve been watching some interviews with Cal Newport recently & decided to buy myself his book. I think it’s very strange how normal it has become to be surrounded by your phone, your laptop or Pad or whatever else you own – all the time. Your supposed to write back immediately, like post from all your friends and keep up with their (mostly boring (let’s face it, all images and things people talk about are really all the same mediocre stuff)) life. I want to spend my time doing things I enjoy again without having the feeling that I’m missing out on some real important things (because I am not). Here are some important things I took from his book ‘Digital Minimalism’:

° Spend time alone to gain solitude

° Take long walks & Leave your phone at home

° Don’t click ‘Like’ & Don’t follow a lot of people

° Write letters to yourself

° Delete social media from your phone & only access it from your computer

° Schedule low quality leisure (Set social media hours and avoid all other times)

° Reclaim conversations: Meeting or phoning instead of texting

° Prioritise demanding activities over mindlessly scrolling

° Fix or build something every week

° Embrace slow media

Here are some of my recent illustrations:

February Patreon Postcard (‘Going to the Woods’)
‘Living in a Treehouse’
‘Cozy Night’
‘Cozy Workplace’
‘Feeling Isolated’

I am spending the time I gain – by not using social media as much – to: paint and do diys again , spend time outside with my family, listen to more audiobooks, write in my journal, do yoga and make videos. Here are some of my recent video adventures:

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